Yoda, the Chihuahua sleeping

Who We Are…Dog Lovers!

Hi all you Dog Lovers!

We want you to know a little bit about who we are and how we landed here. First and foremost, we are Dog Lovers! We’ve had dogs from the time I was a little girl…German Shepherds mostly back then. My family has had a Beagle, named Beagle, a Rottweiler, named Coca, a Shih Tzu, named Killah, and now a Chihuahua named Yoda. Clearly, no dog breed is a stranger and we’ll tell you more about these family members later.

What we’ve learned is every Dog has their own personality which is fascinating. For us it’s just natural to find the best items that cater to our pet’s health, safety, and fun experiences and then to share that knowledge with others. I hope you enjoy our website and find something that will provide a healthy, safe, and/or fun experience for Your family member.

- Oh Doggie!

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